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Purchase a new phone system for your business with EIG PRO. We save you time, money, and frustration

With how technology has changed today’s business world, communicating over the internet ensures that businesses and offices stay connected with the outside world, and minimize cost while increasing productivity. VOIP and voice installations allow small, mid-sized businesses and organizations to meet and satisfy their telecommunication needs with high quality, flexible, secure and cost-effective VOIP cabling infrastructure. 

At EIG PRO, we follow a unique design and build approach to provide organizations who trust us with high-end VOIP cabling infrastructure that support multiple voice and data systems. Our expert team carefully evaluates, designs and installs full-service VOIP integrated systems that support not only voice conversations but diverse communication channels including conference calling, electronic faxing, team chatting, call queues, call recording, mobile presence, mobile app  and video conferencing. 


  1. Increase productivity & collaboration

  2. Ease of Use

  3. Lower your Costs

  4. Reliability and Support

  5. Business Continuity 

99.999% financially​ backed SLA network

We offer custom engineered VOIP installations with cabling and infrastructure that provide the most up-to-date features that align with your business growth strategy.  Our team of skilled professionals will test, access and evaluate your network infrastructure taking into consideration your present and future voice and data network requirements. We will then integrate a suitable VOIP infrastructure, either restructuring a physical office or deploying a fully wireless network. Using high-quality Ethernet cables that guarantee improved performance and swift, secure transmission of data packets, we will deploy a reliable VOIP infrastructure coupled with a PoE system that keeps your business communication up and running smoothly. With the result of your network testing, EIG Pro can explore diverse, sophisticated options for optimizing your VOIP infrastructure like Virtual LAN, QoS, accessing wireless traffic with access point handoff etc.


From evaluating and supplying the most appropriate router and VOIP equipment to expanding your firewall and integrating a Virtual Private Network where necessary, we are accountable for installing, integrating and managing both large scale, small and medium-sized VOIP infrastructure for both virtual and physical businesses. 


We are experienced VOIP integrators, and we have the experience, knowledge and commitment you need to scale your organization with optimized, reliable high-end telecommunication. Call now or contact us via contact form or email to get started. You will not regret making the switch. 

We offer a full suite of cloud services (email, file sharing & more). Contact EIG PRO to get started. 

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