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EIG PRO can help design and deploy audiovisual systems that enhance learning while bringing the most essential technology to the students. Preparing schools, centers, higher learning for a different type of experience. Complete educational setups are available or isolated remote capture centers where students can learn from a computer.  Modern educational facilities require integrated audiovisual solutions to create an enriching learning experience that is beneficial to both students and educators alike. Times are changing, it is time to adapt. At EIG Pro, we specialize in improving learning outcomes by creating fully collaborative spaces that support efficient communication, adequate reception of knowledge, collaboration and allow institutions to function efficiently at lower costs.

Our audiovisual solutions for educational institutions enable faculties to communicate, share content and collaborate with students, and educators across campuses, and in physical and remote classrooms. From designing an integrated audiovisual solution that incorporates innovative tools and equipment needed to make content delivery, reception and engagement an enriching experience, to installing, deploying and managing your av system, EIG Pro will help your facility meet the unique needs of all students, and staff while achieving your core goals and objectives. 


How we can help your institution 

For in-person and online learning, we provide the following audiovisual solutions

  • Microphones, speakers, and sound masking systems to improve engagement, information delivery and reduce noise levels in large classrooms or lecture theaters.

  • Strategically placed high definition interactive display systems that foster collaboration and interaction.

  • Innovative presentation systems and smart board solutions

  • Useful video collaboration tools for teachers and students to stream, record, and playback classes or tutorials

  • B.Y.O.D classrooms,

  • Document cameras


At EIG Pro, our integrated av solutions for education and classrooms empower teachers with the confidence and convenience they need to impart knowledge while allowing students to explore their creative and learning capabilities.

In every modern learning environment, where our audiovisual solutions are deployed, educators and students have experienced increased levels of performance, productivity, flexibility, and efficiency.


Let EIG Pro deploy scalable av solutions that make learning and teaching a seamless, enriching experience for your institution.

EIG PRO AV solutions help to transform the teaching experience. providing them with the most efficient way to learn.

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