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Leverage high performing audiovisual solutions to enhance collaboration, improve efficiency, focus on your objectives, and drive positive change. The way you meet, matters. Budget matters.


EIG Pro works with organizations in the public sector to provide intelligent solutions that satisfy their audiovisual needs, improves communication, and encourages seamless collaboration for the actualization of goals. We serve local, state, and federal government offices, ministry of defense, ministry and courts of justice, councils, and other public spaces by taking advantage of AV technology to maximize efficiency, streamline processes and create an environment for better governing.


Our service to the public sector includes the design, supply, installation, integration, and maintenance of audiovisual solutions for

  • Communicating and collaborating

  • Meetings, conferencing, and training

  • Command and control units

  • Boardrooms, huddle spaces and emergency operations units

  • Digital signage, video walls and fully automated offices

  • Sharp, ultra-clear audio devices, noise-canceling and public address systems

  • Entertaining in public spaces

  • Virtual communication and collaboration

At EIG Pro, our av services feature all-inclusive solutions that empower government agencies with the right tools they need to deliver productive solutions, collaborate with, and manage their teams while staying focused on their objectives. We understand the need of staying within budget while emphasizing on efficiency, so we work closely with our clients, take the time to understand their core goals, and concentrate efforts on delivering the best, reliable yet budget-friendly value.


Our av solutions for the government and public sectors are the perfect balance of high quality, reliable, scalable, and easy to use. With EIG Pro, you can rest assured of the proper functioning of all units, the secure transmission of information and an enabling environment for collaborating and achieving.


Let us schedule an appointment with you to discuss and evaluate your audiovisual needs. We will engineer a solution that delivers above your expectation.

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