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EIG PRO | Huddle Room Solutions

Empower your team to focus, perform and collaborate on the go with technology spaces that work best for your organization.


Creating high performing work environments includes incorporating huddle spaces into your organizations' infrastructure. Huddle spaces enable your employees to enjoy an enriching work experience that allows them to collaborate effectively with teammates while focusing on your core goals, flexing their productivity levels, and exploring their creative capabilities. At EIG Pro, we design, build, and integrate small, private, huddle meeting rooms that give your team the optimal workspace for productive performance, engagement, interaction, brainstorming, and collaboration whether face to face or remotely.


Our huddle meeting rooms audiovisual solutions feature the integration of innovative audio and video equipment that support better in-person communication and collaborative spaces, including teleconferencing. From integrating the right software and platform that are synonymous with your organization's goals and standards to providing the hardware, maintenance, and support, EIG Pro will create scalable huddle meeting rooms that drive efficiency, collaboration, and growth.


Our huddle meeting rooms av solutions include

  • Integrated audiovisual solutions

  • Control systems

  • Digital signage | video

  • Audio solutions

  • Sound masking and correction

  • Document cameras

  • Smart boards and interactive touchscreen displays

  • Video conferencing

  • Audio conferencing

  • Powerful av solutions for learning, broadcasting, presenting, or sharing. 


With our strategically positioned huddle meeting rooms, you and your team can now hold inclusive small group meetings on the go where everyone is free to contribute and engage efficiently. At EIG Pro, our audiovisual solutions for huddle meeting rooms also allow organizations to optimize their existing space, and manage outfitting, while functioning at full scale.


Ready to transform your space into a relaxed, productive environment? Is your organization in the works, and you want to discuss how we can deploy a stimulating workspace for employee excellence? The world is changing, adapt and overcome. 

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