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Custom high-end digital signage solutions for any and every size business and organization. Expand your reach.

When it comes to digital signage, there is no one size fits all. Our digital signage team will assist with supply and deploying innovative custom name industry leading digital signage equipment that satisfy the specific needs of each client, business, or organization regardless of size or industry. All our solutions adhere to ADA compliance.

  • Digital Signage Player | Installation

  • Large Video Walls

  • Clustered Video Walls

  • Single Informational Displays Installation

  • Wayfinder & Kiosks

At EIG Pro, we understand how technology has transformed the ways smart businesses operate, communicate, and market themselves. And to deliver a memorable customer experience, portray a powerful brand message, reach, communicate with and engage your audience, your business needs to leverage high impact audiovisual solutions that resonate with your goals and communicate your brand message effectively.  

Elusive Integrators Group specializes in implementing flexible, scalable, high performing and cost-efficient digital signage solutions that fascinate, create impressive impressions, and promote brand recognition. From strategic placed, high definition large format displays to interactive content delivery systems; we will entertain, engage, and wow your audience.


Our digital signage solutions include:

  • Strategically positioned LED and LCD video walls for advertising, entertainment, informing, content sharing and delivery.

  • Attention-grabbing display systems that can be deployed in any and every organization for way-finding, data visualization, advertising, sales, and collaboration

  • Digital menus and advanced audio-video equipment for use in restaurants, hotels, transportation units, health, and educational facilities.

  • Interactive display screens for kiosks, and other public spaces.

All our digital signage solutions are designed and built to suit your needs, scale your organization, and support you in achieving your goals. Let us show you how the right digital signage installation can take your business from now to next.

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