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Multi diverse audiovisual integration / structured cabling company focused on helping businesses & organizations achieve their goals. 


We are EIG PRO, an audio-video company in Plano, TX that provides a full spectrum of custom audio visual solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of commercial and residential users. We are a fully licensed and highly experienced audiovisual integration company that offers unique structured cabling solutions, sophisticated commercial data solutions, innovative commercial audio-video solutions, and high-end commercial data wiring. More than audiovisual integration, we are strategic communication partners for all organization types and provide expert audiovisual consultation for transformation spaces, ensuring efficient communication and driving growth. 


Founded by Tyler Anderson in 2015, we bring over 125 years of combined experience in audiovisual installation, integration and management. We are located in Plano, Texas, and we serve Dallas, Frisco, McKinney, Richardson, Ft. Worth Metroplex and its surrounding cities. At EIG, we maintain a fleet of experienced designers and engineers who employ a consultative/ customer-centric approach in satisfying the needs of customers. We take the time to understand your goal, analyze your existing capabilities, and propose a custom solution to help you achieve your set goal. Having serviced and delivered sustainable communication solutions for a plethora of satisfied clients, some of which are highly recognized companies in the world, we are proud of our ability to adapt to and continuously utilize new technology for smart communication. By partnering with innovative and trusted communication technology providers, we deliver to our commercial and residential customers a range of reliable, secure, effective, and advanced audiovisual and collaboration solutions that ensure smooth communication over an extensive period. 


At our audiovisual integration company, we know that smart businesses are utilizing and integrating video communication into their communication strategies as new technological advancements have made it essential for effective internal and external communication. We also understand that crystal clear and secure communication is critical for sustainable business growth. This is why we work smart to ensure seamless modern audiovisual collaboration that is scalable, simplified, and people-oriented. 

As a pioneer data installation company in Texas, EIG Pro takes great pleasure in creating a noticeable impact in various organizations using the most creative and intelligent minds and tools available in the AV industry. From residential properties to fortune 500 companies to legal institutions, educational facilities, healthcare organizations, government infrastructures, and others, we are trusted as reliable solution providers for all AV needs. 


We back up our professional audiovisual design and integration services with exceptional support and dedication to service. More than satisfying client needs, we pay attention to building healthy clientele relationships. We hold our customers word of mouth on high esteem and work hard and smart to build trust and exceed your expectations. We work with you through the project, keep you abreast of our development and continue to provide support for attaining your goal. Whether it is a commercial or residential project, we will provide professional consultation, design, installation, maintenance, and management of your audiovisual system. For customers who already have an existing AV system but are looking to upgrade or make a change, EIG Pro is the audio-video company North Texas, you can trust. 


At EIG audiovisual integration company, we are a true integration firm, and we are particular about sustainable, highly automated, and advanced audiovisual communication. We are confident about our measures, and we are always ready to employ our experience to move to the top, help commercial and private clients achieve their goals using smart, advanced, and reliable audiovisual communication. 


Contact us now and let us schedule a meeting to discuss how to put you on the right track and revamp your audiovisual technology.

“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.” - Stephen R. Covey.

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EIG PRO employs certified, experienced, & knowledgeable individuals. From sales to management to our Helping Hands in the field, EIG takes pride in our staff & employees.