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Unlock new levels of profitability, productivity and efficiency by optimizing your space and workforce with new av technology.


In today's business world, the intelligent fusion of audiovisual technology in office spaces has fast become the most efficient way of increasing employee collaboration, productivity, space utilization and overall profitability. And regardless of the industry, the seamless integration of AV technology into your space will transform your working environment and empower your workforce to bring their best selves to work. 


At EIG Pro, we specialize in designing and integrating av solutions that support the transformation of office spaces and give employees the ability to be more effective, efficient and productive in a less stressful environment. Our AV solutions for office spaces are designed and integrated to align with your organization's purpose, help you achieve goals, improve how employees work and create a better functioning and interactive system of business operation.

From managing sound bleed, improving communication and speech intelligibility to ensuring privacy, secure storage of data and sensitive information, and installing high-end audiovisual technology that fosters a relaxed, productive and fully collaborative environment, we provide custom audio visual solutions that work right for your organization.   


Privacy: By integrating sound cancelling/ masking systems, we can ensure speech privacy and reduce unwanted distractions while maximizing employee productivity. Our sound masking systems are designed and expertly integrated to deaden sound bleed, lower noise levels and make the workspace comfortable and conducive. 


Audiovisual: Whether for conferencing, presentations or collaborations, our workspace audiovisual solutions are designed to deliver a high performing work environment for your team. We seamlessly combine innovative audio-video systems that allow for instant communication, better connectivity, interactive collaboration and improved performance. 


Data: Imagine the ability to present and view relevant, diverse data simultaneously from multiple points, on multiple devices throughout your system. That is how our workspace av solutions are designed - to allow you to monitor critical data continuously while minimizing downtime and eliminating security threats. Our carefully engineered data solutions for office spaces ensure the secure storage of sensitive information, and the constant availability of data to improve and enhance decision making in real-time.


Collaboration: With collaboration at the frontline of every successful organization, you want a unified work environment where employees stay connected regardless of distance. At EIG Pro, all our audiovisual solutions for office spaces support remote work, enable employees to share ideas, engage, and perform as though they are on the same table irrespective of venue or geographical locations. 


Cloud: Our cloud computing solutions will furnish your office environment with the tools needed to outrank your competitors and focus on satisfying the customers that rely on you. With seamless user experience as our priority, we make working in the virtual space possible, smooth, clear and conducive. We integrate innovative cloud tools tailored to suit your organization's needs and capabilities, enhance real time collaboration, boost team coordination and efficiency, save cost and improve productivity. 


Whether you are developing a new office space or redesigning/realigning an old space, allow us to create the working environment that allows your team to work without stress, achieve more, and smash goals. Speak to an AV expert now. 

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