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integrated audiovisual solutions

As a true integration firm, we deliver fully integrated audiovisual solutions and support services for both private and public organizations. Our integrated av solutions include the design, supply, installation, and integration of high-end audio-video technology equipment that is customized to meet the requirements of your organization, and help you achieve your goals. 

From conference, training and boardroom av systems to digital signage and video walls for attention-grabbing advertising, to automated classrooms, assisted and distance learning systems to fully collaborative systems for businesses, companies and governmental infrastructure, we can deliver the perfect av solution that will satisfy your requirements and exceed your expectations.  


Our integrated AV solutions are deployed for; 


  • Enhanced communication in different sectors, including public/government, health, business enterprises, and corporate organizations. We integrate audiovisual communication technology and collaboration equipment that allow teams to communicate effectively, share resources, achieve goals and collaborate.


  • Digital signage: From selecting the right sized attention-grabbing display screens for advertising, communicating and or way finding, to installing them in strategic locations for appropriate content delivery to efficient software management. We will deliver and deploy a digital signage solution that puts your brand forward, conveys your brand message, interacts with your audience and increases brand recognition. 


  • Corporate spaces: Our audiovisual solutions in corporate environments include enhancing communication and collaboration by creating smart huddle spaces and meeting rooms, transforming boardrooms, facilitating team coordination in remote and in-office work and enabling cloud conferencing. 


  • Education and learning facilities: From sound amplifying and cancelling systems to interactive whiteboards for presentations, large display screens, comfortable lightening and content sharing systems, we create and facilitate conducive in-learning, distant and assisted learning and training environments. 


Because our AV solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of all clients, we are able to deliver effective and efficient user experiences. From design to installation, we concentrate efforts on fusing audio-video technology components, software and products with cloud and data technologies that work together seamlessly, are easy to operate and benefit your organization.


Let us show you how we can put audio visual technology to work for your organization. Speak to one of our knowledgeable sales/designer to get started. Free Consultation in person or Zoom.

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