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OWN A GYM, SPA, YOGA FACILITY, and not sure what to do about your technology needs?

EIG PRO has been installing Audio Visual Solutions & Data Cabling technology in North Texas and surrounding areas for years.

Fitness centers, dance stuidos, yoga Facilities, Basketball Courts, etc. rely on cutting edge technology to bring the “user experience” to their customer. To achieve this, you need to build the perfect atmosphere using an integrated technology solution that will make the best use of efficiency so you can concentrate on giving the best service – in your industry being as efficient, productive, and cost-effective as possible.

Utilize iPads or touchscreens to increase volume levels and switch channels simultaneously from various sources, including a fitness instructor’s mobile phone. Also, preserve water and energy with smart control of colors, lights, pool, and sauna. When it is time to close or open your fitness center, you only need a single touch to power everything off or on, arm or disable security, and so much more. What's more, view cameras and get security alerts from any location in the world.

Solutions we offer fitness centers & health spas include:

  • Audiovisual Technology

  • Integrated AV

  • Structured Cabling Systems & Wiring Solutions

  • Smart Building Technology

  • Automation Systems & Control

  • Digital Signage / Video Wall Technology

  • Interactive Whiteboards & Smart Boards

  • Background Music

  • Commercial Paging Systems

  • Wireless Control Systems

  • Lighting Solutions

  • Security (contracted partners)

  • Surveillance Systems (contracted partners)


Why EIG?

With the prevalence of audio-visual media, more businesses feel compelled to streamline their operations through audio-visuals systems.

This is where we come in. We exist to help custom design and set up an audio-visual system that best meets the precise needs of your gym, allowing you to profit from the opportunities your fitness center deserves.



We provide professional expertise in the design and integration of solutions for designs of practically any scope. As an extension of our cabling installation services, our Audio Visual Integration Services include the development of existing systems and continuous maintenance all through the life-cycle of the system.

Well Experienced & Trained Staff

At EIG, we have quite a portfolio of happy customers who can vouch for our professionalism and quality services. We are dedicated to ensuring that your business has the best cable and o/v installation services. Hence, our workers are well trained not just in cable installation but also in cabling solutions. 

Expert Advice and Consultation

Don't know what cable system or AV system to get? Do you have a budget and worry about finding the right cable system within your budget? Do you have any questions about cable systems? Don't fret. Our well-trained technicians are ready to offer you practical advice.

We know that your spa or gym is special, and we will create the perfect atmosphere your clients will love. Beginning with an initial consultation and design considerations, we will work towards topping your expectations.

Are you ready for change? We can help.

Don't hesitate to give us a call today and set up a meeting. Free on-site consultation.

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