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The Importance of Video-Conferencing for your business.

Staying connected with work and clients through Video-Conferencing solutions at Eluisve Integrators Group.

Technology advancements have massively changed the way we conduct business. This led to the rise of instant and swift means of communication that ultimately result in the globalization of businesses. Communication is key to a successful business. A businesses needs to establish and maintain a quality relationship with partners, teams, and customers. Video conferencing plays important role in this regard, by enhancing productivity, reducing expenses and time, and improving collaboration.

Apart from its massive benefits for business growth, video conferencing is highly attractive to the white-collar workforce throughout the world. This article highlights the importance of video conferencing and its advantages for a business. The importance of video conferencing in business outweigh the costs as you must know that you are losing your competitive edge. From collaboration and flexibility, Video conferencing solutions help to break barriers of distance among businesses. Below we list down some business advantages of video conferencing that indicate the utmost importance of it.

Increase collaboration; Effective collaboration is vital for any successful organization as it can spread ideas throughout the workforce to align individual strengths. Diverse schedules hinder the frontal meetings. Video conferencing can compensate for this limitation by providing the flexibility to the participants of discussion to collaborate from remote locations. The technology can also assist collaboration in some more innovative ways. The meeting sessions can be recorded to share with the related persons or for later viewing. It also helps in sticking to the planned outline during the meetings while developing new ideas later on. Local presentation, screen capture, whiteboard annotation are all some additional usage of rooms we outfit with technology here at EIG PRO.

Video conferencing is the basis for empowering today's digital workforce in the globalization of business models. Such meetings assist the teams in maintaining consistent human connections, regardless of physical location, which results in not only improved collaboration but also speeds up decision making in the businesses. Thus saving time and reducing costs; following in line as a top direct benefit.

The client can arrange an online meeting in no time without leaving their offices and rooms, which ultimately results in high productivity. Scheduling panels or integrated services such as Fusion or O365 allow for remote scheduling. Direct Zoom, Teams are also options of video-conferencing suites. Video conferencing also reduce overheads in office works, which leads to reduced expenses. There were days when staff needed a complete office setting including working rooms, conference halls, and relaxing areas. Because of certain changes it is easy to adapt and conference at home, business, or training space.















While these kinds of set-ups are still needed in large corporations for powerhouse connection, the medium and small businesses are moving towards remote working to reduce this cost. Video-conferencing is affordable to all. Online conferencing and AV services we offer are constructing work environments around modern technologies in a more agile way. The more and more businesses which can cut down the overhead costs of traveling are more interested in remote working. The saved money can be pooled for other purposes like expansion and marketing. More are going live in the office, recording, & re-distributing via the internet or social media. This is highly effective communication, connection, & commitment.

Improve productivity. Research claims that video conferencing can be solely used as a travel replacement due to some limitations. Such as, some employees prefer to travel as part of their jobs. Also, the online meetings as a convention, considered inferior to in-person discussions. The improved communications through video conferencing keep the workforce in synchronization throughout the discussions and make the decision process faster which ultimately improves productivity.

It simply makes life better, for everyone.

According to a published survey in a source listed below, more than 90% of the employees who use video conferencing tools confirm that these tools increase efficiency and productivity. Such fast and innovative AV communication & techniques help in the quick delivery of services to the clients which is the reason for customer satisfaction and growth for many businesses. Increase satisfaction and improves retention rates in a company. Video-conferencing solutions for your business.

Minimal travel requirements help the employees to establish a better balance in life and work. Research also shows that people working from home are less likely to become ill. At the same time, these people find more satisfaction in their jobs. That is not only good for the employees but also for the business owners as it improves the attendance and reduces leaves by the staff. Furthermore, with the innovative AV conferencing technologies that are reliable and easy to use, employees do not feel remote anymore.

In a survey, around 90% of the employees claim that they feel more connected through online tools as compared to physically present at the office. The online conferencing tools provide flexibility to the workers to work from the location of their choice and that helps the companies to attract the best talent for their business from every corner of the world. It can save your businesses in crisis COVID-19 proved the importance of AV tools such as video conferencing solutions. When lockdown forced the people out of the working places, video communication has become a vital piece of technology for all businesses.

Some companies took the lead in conferencing, and had little impact in connection & resuming their work during the pandemic. Times are changing, so must you. While many other companies start to consider it as an important piece of technology for the modern business world. We are reached in an era where video conferencing is viewed as a necessity in the business world.

Using innovative services, products, and software allows for cost reduction, flexibility, and scalability to meet your expanding communications needs in the work.

At EIG PRO, we offer Audio Visual Design & Installation Services, AV Support services in Texas and surrounding areas. These solutions can optimize your communication environment and maximize its value to your business. Our automated conference room solutions are scalable and aim at promoting smooth collaboration in the workplace. We give you a smarter and hassle-free way to work and meet.

Contact us now and let us show you how our custom conference AV integration can move your organization forward.


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