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Texas Company Helps Clients Expand Audiovisual Reach

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

When the Coronavirus arrived this spring, it thrust most schools and businesses into the unfamiliar territory on online communication with employees and students.

For many, that meant hunching over their laptops and tablets while they tried to quickly learn Zoom and other videoconferencing tools.

By now, organizations are exploring ways to broaden and improve their digital delivery platforms as they prepare for what looks like a long-term change in how they conduct business.

That's where vendors like  EIGPro enter the picture. The Texas-based company has spent years building and installing high-end commercial audiovisual systems for a wide range of clients.

For some, that means an upscale conference room with a video projector and integrated computer access. Others might be looking at equipment for an environment in which employees, customers, contractors, instructors and other groups are all working from home. 

Here are some examples from EIG Pro's solutions list:

  • Video Distribution

  • Voice over IP

  • AV over IP

  • Interactive Smart Boards and Whiteboards

  • Zoom Rooms

  • Google Classrooms

This fall, many colleges and local school systems have said their students will get instruction in a  hybrid format. Some will attend live classes in school buildings while others will participate online from their homes or dormitories.

EIGPro has wired several educational facilities to support a variety of training and instructional formats. Classrooms and auditoriums can be set to support a teacher giving a live lecture while simultaneously streaming live video to remote locations. Students both on-site and off-site could ask questions and participate in discussions.

Businesses, hotels, entertainment venues and government agencies are also likely to explore new  AV options to let them extend their reach with electronic interaction. And EIGPro has extensive experience in wiring new construction for video and Internet access.

The EIG PRO website has a portfolio of the company's projects and installations covering a variety of environments, with several jobs featured in video form on the company's YouTube channel. You can also contact follow the company on Facebook or Instagram and @eig_pro on Twitter.

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