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SONOS Integrates with QOBUZ

Qobuz is Now Integrated with SONOS in the US!

February 26, 2019

Written by qobuz-blog-usa

📷The SONOS family, courtesy of

We’re excited to announce that Qobuz is now available on SONOS in the US! Qobuz is extremely proud to have SONOS as a partner, and to offer stellar CD-quality music on their platform.

What is SONOS?

SONOS, one of the most well-regarded Hi-Fi audio brands in the world, is on a mission to “help the world listen better“.

They are the biggest provider of seamless high-quality networked audio within homes and businesses across the world, and they have pioneered many innovations in wireless audio technology.

However, many SONOS users are not getting the full performance they have paid for. Most users stream at MP3 quality (320kbps) and may not even realize that SONOS is capable of full CD resolution (16-bit/44.1 kHz, or about 1411 kbps).

With today’s official release of the Qobuz US integration with SONOS, US users can subscribe to the Qobuz Hi-Fi plan for $19.99/mo to stream full CD-quality music and push their SONOS gear to its maximum potential.

SONOS Hardware

SONOS offers a number of excellent wireless speakers that can be networked throughout your home and controlled from a central device such as your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

The company also provides several options for streamers and speaker amps. SONOS Connect, a hardware music streamer, has an input and output in analog stereo with volume control. It can be connected directly to an amplifier, but it also has two digital S/PDIF (coaxial and optical) outputs for use with higher end DACs or the one built into your receiver.

Also note the Connectamp, which incorporates a stereo amplifier that can connect to the passive speakers of your choice and also has a subwoofer output.

One common application for Hi-Fi and Premium subscriptions

The SONOS Music Control Application is available for Mac and Windowscomputers, as well as mobile devices running Android or iOS systems.

Through the app, owners of SONOS devices in the US can now control their SONOS speakers while accessing high quality online streaming with the Qobuz Hi-Fi subscription in CD-quality (~1411kbps), or the Qobuz Premium subscription in MP3 quality (320kbps).

How To Set Up Qobuz on the SONOS App

1. Download and install the most recent version of the SONOS application for your computer, iOS, or Android device, or update the app if you already have it installed on your device.

If you are using a streamer such as the Connect, make sure the firmware on it is up to date – if not, update it to the latest version.

2. After opening the application, select “More,” then “Add Music Services”.

2. Select “Qobuz,” and then “Add to SONOS”.

3. Then, log in to your Qobuz account. If you have not created a streaming account with us yet, you can do so here as well.

4. You may now stream with Qobuz by selecting the “Browse” section of the SONOS app.

Using Qobuz on the SONOS App

Now that Qobuz is set up on your SONOS app, let’s explore the depth of streaming options available to you.

1. Search Function: by artist, album, track or even playlist – listen now, or save it for later

Every track and album comes with artwork and more information on the music you’re listening to!

2. Playlists (that you created or have subscribed to)

3. Your Purchases (downloads)

4. Your Favorites – these will be added directly to your SONOS Favorites

5. Discover – you can search our recommendations by all genres or a specific genre

Whichever genre you choose, you will then have access to: a. New Releases b. Qobuz Playlists c. Best Sellers d. Most Streamed e. Press Awards f. Qobuz Picks

6. Qobuz Playlists – listen to our playlists, lovingly curated by music experts

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