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How Having Efficient and Quality Office Data Cabling Can Improve Productivity.

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

While the idea of setting up an office & planning infrastructure around structured cabling is not at the top of the managements to do list, it will help your office stay productive, constant, & flowing properly. When you thoughtfully plan out your data wiring and cabling, you can work more efficiently on your projects because you can ensure that your connections are reliable to the local network, server, cloud, or internet.

Since cable connections are mandatory in the workspace by offering faster hardline connections to workers, video-conferencing equipment, servers, or wireless devices, it is incredibly important that people have the proper wiring for a fast and secure network. Wireless connectivity is becoming more popular amongst small and big business; but a hardwired connected in always faster & more reliable. In this blog, we will go over the various ways that you can make sure you have sufficient and high-quality cabling for your office to secure your data.

The Importance of Office Data Cabling

An office having adequately designed & planned out data cabling is important in ensuring an office’s network reliability. With network reliability comes smooth work production. While data cabling infrastructure may be one of those things that most people do not pay attention to, it will make a huge difference in maximizing employee’s ability to be productive and efficient.

When the office network is not performing well is one of those things where if it does not work well, everyone notices. Poor routing and improper cabling will cause multiple problems with the ability for people to do their work. Businesses lose money when employees have to deal with poor cabling consistently in the work space, making the money you put into the equipment meaningless.

There are a few things that could help with making sure that your business runs smoothly.

Labeling Your Cables

Identification and labeling are a must. Our teams come trained with the latest standards and will follow them. Each cable, port, wall-plate, switch, etc. will be properly labeled at the correct location to be easily identified when working on the space, repairing, or providing upgrades. With so many things like servers and data centers going throughout a given office, it is important to make things easy when you are trying to figure out all the differing wires going around. This will save you time in the long run when you need work done with your equipment in the future.

Color Code Your Cables

You can also add a color-coding system to your labeling to help you determine quickly the different purposes for all the cables in your office. This will allow for troubleshooting to happen much faster and in a simpler way. When specific issues happen with your network, you’ll easily be able to look at the right cables that are connected.

Design Your Office with Cabling in Mind

While this may be the last thing you think about when moving into your office space, mapping out your data cabling paths, locations, & cable types/connections will help you understand where everything is in the space & why. Poorly designed office spaces can create an inability for people in an office space to work efficiently and cause costly repairs/service down the road.

In Conclusion

Having the proper organization and labeling for your office data cabling is truly the best way to help with long term productivity in your office space. With new construction wiring ideas becoming more available, companies can increase the productivity of their workspace easily. With the correct wiring, your commercial audio video solutions will work efficiently to allow for a more beneficial work environment.

Contact EIG PRO’s dedicated design & support team to plan your next office move, build, or relocation. We will guide you every step of the way.

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