• Tyler Anderson

Elusive Integrators Group - Summary

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

"EIG PRO. A innovate audiovisual & data cabling installation company in Plano, Texas. Specializing in video conferencing rooms, training facilities, acoustical solutions, education centers, structured cabling & digital signage solutions; EIG designs, installs, programs, & support AV & data systems in Northeast Texas, Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex, Plano, & surrounding cities. EIG PRO staffs, certifies, & trains every individuals according to AVIXA/BICSI to guide you every step of the way. Customer relationships are the foundation of the company."
(877) 344-7764

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EIG PRO will begin releasing dedicated Blog Updates when possible. EIG PRO is growing in regards to staff picking up two more lead audiovisual & structured cabling technicians to help in the Texas reg