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If you're looking for the best AV solutions in Dallas, then look no further. If you're wondering what AV even is, or perhaps what EIG even does, then this is a fantastic place to start as well. EIG stands for Elusive Integrators Group, and we offer a number of services. These services include (but aren't limited to):

  • Commercial AV Solutions in Dallas

  • Conference Room Audio Video services

  • Surveillance, security and access solutions

  • Structured cabling & wiring

  • Residential AV and security solutions in Dallas

As stated above, our services aren’t just bounded to commercial solutions either.  We offer residential, multi-dwelling, hospital, as well as educational support as well.  Check out this video below to get an understanding of what sort of services we offer for residential spaces.

What is an audio-video solution anyway? The name is as it implies, it is a type of media that encompasses both sound and visual components. Essentially, they’re a tool that improves communication and collaboration and subsequently is extremely vital for commercial purposes.  Below are some advantages that you can expect to receive in a commercial setting:

We offer video conferencing solutions, corporate automation through AMX, Creston & Extron, network, security & access solutions. If you’re in the state of Texas and are a commercial company looking to gain a competitive edge, we will provide you the best AV solutions in Dallas!

They’re also a fantastic tool for residential purposes.  We know the pain when it comes to planning for future upgrades or retrofitting homes and the wiring you have to deal with.  


Our team of professionals is specialists when it comes to sorting all this out for you.  You won’t have to break the bank for this, either.  We offer the best service at affordable prices without ever compromising quality. 


As our slogan states, “This is what we do, this is what we live”.  It’s because of this that we are the only company that will put you first when providing you with the best AV solutions in Dallas.

Audio Visual Solutions in Texas

EIG consistently engage with customers in order to understand service needs.  Part of our market research process involves customer satisfaction surveys. 


Through these, we are able to find out what our customers need most and be able to tailor our services to that regard.  Using the data we receive from these surveys, EIG is able to service customers to different standards as noted by our service standards above.  We urge you to contact us to see what would be best for you. 


One guarantee we can give is that any integration problem you have will be solved by EIG.   This is why we’re considered the best provider of audio-visual solutions in Texas.

Our aim at providing a service to customers is not to bombard them with costs and complicated jargon.  Our aim has always been to provide the best audio-visual solutions in Texas in an easy to understand manner for our customers. 


The staff here in EIG pride ourselves in customer relations and customer satisfaction.  We don’t see customer interaction as a choice but rather a need.  This is why we have consistently been considered as the provider of the best AV and integration solutions in Dallas.


As seen above, we have always maintained the highest standard of quality.  Please note this forecasted customer satisfaction survey depicts scales from 1 to 10.   Quality audio-visual solutions in Texas are hard to come by, so contact us now to get yourself the best deal today.

Commercial AV in Dallas

If you’re a small to medium-size business, chances are you are on the fence about AV solutions for your business.  We have provided some reasons why commercial AV systems are important above.  Let’s expand on these a little further with examples from our clients and why you should invest in commercial AV in Dallas.

  • Improving the communication between you and your team:

One of our clients inquired about an intercom system for their medium-sized business. We worked extensively with the Office Accommodations Manager to pinpoint current issues with workplace relations free of charge.  

We decided to provide a PA/Paging style system in accordance with the Manager’s request.  

After installation, it's a requirement to regularly communicate with clients to iron out any issues they may have.  

For this particular client, their meeting requests, video conferences, and training sessions improved greatly.  This is an example of why we’re the best at providing AV solutions in Dallas.

  • Greater engagement with your staff and clients:
    We also provide video conferencing (zoom rooms), training rooms and board room solutions.  Many of our clients utilize this service for its benefits.  One of the biggest improvements from board rooms and training rooms is training.  For any Manager out there, reducing training costs is not just a benefit but (at times) a requirement.  To do this, along with improving communication with your staff is a win-win situation.  This is why commercial AV in Dallas is imperative, as it will give you a competitive and financial edge.

    To add to this,  it also helps client interaction too.  Our clients say that their customers have been more engaged and had a more enjoyable experience in their presentations.  

    This is because the right presentation technology installed by the right people (EIG) will allow you to get your message across more clearly.  Call us now to get the best AV solution in Dallas today.

Residential AV in Dallas

Why would residential AV in Dallas be important?  If you’re someone who is looking to have a state-of-the-art experience at the comfort of your own home, then this is for you.  

EIG are specialists at implementing Smart Homes and providing other types of residential AV solutions in Dallas.

Some of the things that EIG offer are:

  • Theater/Media Installations:  If you’re someone who loves the ambiance of a movie theater, you can have one right at home.  EIG offers high-end media room solutions and turn-key projects to turn an ordinary room into a futuristic theater system.


  • Wireless Network Installations:  EIG offers extensions of wireless network connectivity as well.  This is a must for gamers and office professionals, as it will ensure that you have the highest connection speeds.


  • Automation:  You may have heard this term before but not understood what it was.  EIG offers automation solutions in which at a push of a button on a virtual device, you will be able to control various appliances at your home.  This is a revolutionary technology, designed for luxury, comfort and easier accessibility.


  • Security Services:  If you are someone who values their security, especially for those in high-end homes, then EIG have got you covered.  Our security services include surveillance systems, security systems and access control systems.  These are specifically designed to protect you and your loved ones from danger.


These are just some of the reasons why you should consider the integration of residential AVs in Dallas.  Check out some of the services we offer here!


How to get started with AV Installation in Dallas?

The first thing you should do is contact EIG today.  Our team is comprised of industry professionals who have experience in all things AV.  This includes displays & projection, meeting spaces, professional video and audio, home lighting installations, as well as many more.  

Check out some of the services we do offer on our website today.  You may be someone who is thinking of a small scale project to install at your home.  Or, you may be a large commercial organization thinking of installing a state-of-the-art board room.  

Whatever your needs are, we have the service structure that is specifically made for you!  Contact us now for the best AV solution in Dallas as long as how to get started with AV installation. 

Simple steps for AV solutions in Dallas?

Follow these simple steps for your AV solution in Dallas today:

  • Think constructively about what you want from your AV solution.

  • Think about the potential benefits, the potential issues and the overall outcome. 

  • Think about your budgetary constraints.

  • Contact us now and provide us with all this information.  

Once you contact us, you’ll never have to worry about AV again. 

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