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Huddle Spaces 
Solutions For Informal Meetings And Collaboration.

Kickstart collaboration


Optimize your informal meeting spaces with ‘walk up and use’ technology built around activity based working.


The nature of today’s workplace is rapidly changing & nearly all of our clients are looking to optimize their available space.  Our huddle space solutions allow small groups and teams to gather outside of the traditional meeting room to share ideas, solve problems and collaborate spontaneously.


Brainstorm in the cloud.


Capture inspiration on the fly, and say goodbye to clunky old whiteboards and messy flipcharts.


Our range of digital capture board solutions offer teams the perfect way to brainstorm. Combine the simplicity of a whiteboard marker with cloud connectivity and digital capture.




Use any standard whiteboard marker.




Capture your notes to your device or USB.




Send a PDF or stream live.


Meet anywhere – without the cables.


Share information in seconds on any display.


Our wireless presentation systems are tailored for informal meeting spaces, so you can just walk up, connect, and share from your laptop or device in seconds. Because you don’t need to connect messy cables, we can help you turn any space into a collaboration zone.




Select your display and present with a simple click.




Native wireless mirroring for iOS, Chrome & Android.




Share MS Office documents and presentations directly from USB.


Share and compare.


Let teams collate and compare work in real time with multi-display solutions.


Being able to visualize data from multiple devices and computers simultaneously can be the key to effective collaboration. We can build a huddle space that lets you easily swap between users, without the hassle and lost time of reconnecting a shared cable.


Built for teams.


Everyone can connect and contribute.




Connectivity options for any laptop or device.


Instant startup.


Make the most of your meeting time.


Interactive engagement.


Drive creativity and ad-hoc collaboration with interactive digital displays.


From unbound digital whiteboarding to annotating PowerPoint & PDF, our SMART Board and interactive display solutions let you interact naturally and seamlessly with digital content. Mobile systems let you reconfigure huddle spaces on the fly, with a full suite of connectivity features.




Interact naturally with digital content.




Write over any app or document.




Share your files, whiteboard or screen in real time.


Bring Skype.


Leverage your Skype for Business infrastructure to extend video conferencing into huddle spaces.


Using our certified Skype for Business solutions, your teams can seamlessly connect and work on digital content from anywhere in the world. Because we partner with all of the leading vendors, we can help you pick the best Skype for Business system for your informal meeting and huddle spaces.


Audio conferencing.


Skype and SIP audio conferencing.


Video conferencing.


Meet face-to-face on the fly, or just book it from outlook.


Content collaboration.


Work on documents with remote teams.


Enterprise grade technology.


We partner with premium technology vendors to deliver robust collaboration solutions.


Project gallery.


A quick look at some of the amazing huddle space solutions we have deployed.









Complete solutions.


We work with you to design, deploy and support your huddle space collaboration solutions.



  • Free on-site strategy.

  • Test drive solutions at our demo centre.

  • Manufacturer certified systems design.



  • Certified installation technicians.

  • Client portal access for projects.

  • Infocomm best practices.



  • Complete training packages.

  • Qualified service technicians.

  • User experience reporting.

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