• Tyler Anderson

Teleheath & AV

Telehealth is becoming the new normal due to advancements in interactive technologies

Around 76% of the US healthcare facilities connected with the consultants and patients at a distance through the use of video or other interactive technologies during the recent outbreak of COVID-19, according to the data from American Hospital Association (AHA). The AHA mentioned that almost every state in the US now has some sort of coverage for telehealth services in their health programs. Also, the private health sector is embracing the telehealth trends for the swift delivery of healthcare services. Yet, the wider adoption is facing some barriers in the overall health industry.

What is telehealth and how it started?

Telehealth is a broad term that covers different technologies and practices. It mainly refers to healthcare services at a distance by the use of audio and video interactive technologies. Initially, it started with telephone calls during the early 20th century. Consultants used to deliver the instructions over the phone to save time and energy. With time, phone calls were replaced with video calls. Since then, telehealth didn’t show a