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Shades. Why Use Them?




What you need to know before getting commercial / home shade services.

It looks simple enough to design shade structures, but there are many things to consider and, better yet, many options to explore. EIG PRO's shade design & installation team knows that shades should be visibly appealing and give you the best comfort. Yet, the major function of shade is to be show-stoppers, but there are many other applications in which shades are required.

Where You can Install Shades.

Shades can perform a variety of services, depending on their type, material, and structure. They can protect from the hot sun, and other weather conditions like wind, rain, and snow. When installed at the proper place, they can minimize solar heat that comes from openings like windows. Thus, improve the indoor temperature, comfort, and save money by lowering the air condition requirements.

They can create high-resolution projection screens, outdoor seating, activity areas, or extent the serviceability of existing areas for multiple seasons. They can save your investment by providing shelter to your open areas like lawn, expensive turf, and courtyards, and ensure that these areas last longer for many years.

Custom shades not only protect your property from heat but also protect you from ultraviolet rays. Various researches proved that ultraviolet light rays can cause skin damage and even cancer. These harmful rays also damage the interior furnishing and goods which are placed near the hall openings and windows. The American Cancer Society has its strong recommendations to use protections against UV light, especially in the areas used by children. For this reason, many states in the US are now required to install shades if the outdoor temperature goes above 85 degrees.



Do they add aesthetics?

An elegant design and well-planned shade structure can give an entirely different look to your home, open area, office, or commercial building. They are made with a variety of materials, come in a multitude of looks and sizes, assembled with non-motorized and motorized forms, and can be automated with multiple setups. Usually, these commercial shades are individually designed and manufactured to meet specific requirements of functions and aesthetics, but they are also available in kit form for simple applications.

What to consider for shade services?

The first thing is why you need it and where you are going to use the shades. It can be your living-room window, office blinds, outdoor seating, restaurant or bar, performance, or event venue. It is important to understand who will be using the space, and how important it is.

If you are installing it forever, use the permanent shade structure, otherwise, seasonal or temporary structures can also be installed. Permanent shades are required mostly where the climate remains sunny through most of the year. In the areas where the season changes, a special specification is required for structures to work around the year. Also, the materials are important. There is a huge verity, each has its own best application and service life. Some of these include vinyl-coated polyester, carbon and silver-coated special materials for high-resolution projection, and many others.

Other things that need to consider are the service life of the shade, rolling ability, physical configurations, and shapes. Also, think before installation if you need accessories with it such as lighting. Search for the fire and building codes that provide recommendations for color, material, and size.

Motorized Roller Shades

Roller Shade Screens are used to provide shade for your windows, sunny areas in the house, or for commercial purposes where you want to shade the spaces from the inside of your building. These shades are easy to roll. In commercial buildings, commercial-grade roller shades are used that are specially designed for corporate architecture and interior esthetics. The roller shades are also used extensively in exterior areas to block the sunlight and UV, where they can be manually rolled up in the evening or automated with motorized assistance. They are also used for projection screens with special fabric that contains optical properties. Our team here at Elusive Integrators Group assists with the design, install, & connection of all shades.


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