• Tyler Anderson

Samsung 8K is HERE!

Samsung's first 8K TV looks spectacular in person. Since it costs $15,000, I expected nothing less. 

This 85-inch behemoth is the first television with 8K resolution that's widely available to buy, if you happen to be rich. For everyone else it's more of a technology demonstration. Of course smaller, cheaper, 8K TVs will surely go on sale in 2019 and beyond -- they're already available outside the US -- so you might be mulling an 8K TV purchase sooner than you might expect.

At 33 million pixels, an 8K TV has four times the resolution of conventional 4K TVs, which start at around $4,000 for 85-inch models. So how much better can those extra pixels make the image look?

To begin to answer that, I headed to Samsung's quality assurance lab in New Jersey to check one out in person. Since my evaluation didn't take place in my lab at CNET with a lineup of competing TVs, this isn't a full, rated review. Instead it's my own early impressions based on a couple of hours of viewing a less-than-final model (see editors' note below) with a bunch of different video, much of it provided by Samsung.