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Q&A - Multi Family Clients

Below are a few Q&A's we commonly receive from our MDU Clients

Q: Is technology needed in almost every build?

A: Our opinion, Yes. Most all, if not every, new construction multi-family complex will have some sort of technology. Whether that includes an audiovisual system, WiFi, VoIP, or structured cabling. EIG can help with it all.

Design | Installation | Support

Q: Design Build or Spec Bids?

A: Both. We have experience in both sides of the fence. Designing a system from scratch or preparing a quote off a consultant.

Q: Do you offer full Low Voltage turn-key tailored packages?

A: Yes, we have low voltage members from all trades to provide you x1 number for your property. This includes data, surveillance, access control, security, & DAS.

Q: What is included when upgrading to a static IP on a AV network?

A: Simple, Contact your ISP. Ask them for a Static IP. You will need a 5 Pack of Static IP's, This enables your Voice and Data Network and your AV Network to both have a physical connection to the internet without interfering with each other. When your Static IP Upgrade is scheduled, you will need to notify EIG and your current IT Support with the date and time of your scheduled upgrade. One representative of each firm, (AV and IT) Should be present at the time of the ISP Upgrade to ensure minimal downtime.

Q: Can you provide smart features for units?

A: Absolutely, contact our design team today for more details.

Q: Can my Audio Visual System you installed receive an upgrade?

A: Yes, We have NEW Updated Graphic Packages for your Audio Visual Systems that are ready to deploy. Packages include Sleek Graphic Interfaces with enhanced features, such as a User Friendly, Intuitive Layout, Volume Feedback, Custom Background Images of each Zone, Room Proxy, Video-conferencing mode, Favorite Channel Icons specifically related to your cable provider, and much more.

Q: Can you help us with our Main Network, VoIP and WiFi?

A: Yes, We can absolutely assist in upgrading your Networks Reliability and Security, Along with Upgrading your current WiFi System and addressing the current issues and dead spots. VoIP plans & phones are available for your management teams with a up-time SLA 99.999% up-time.

Q: Do you provide a managed support/service plan?

A: Yes, We offer 4 Support/Service Plans to fit your individual needs, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. We can also customize a plan specifically for you.

Q: Do you offer design & consultation services prior to bid?

A: Yes, we have a reputable team ready to prepare a audio-visual design per AVIXA standards that will meet ADA compliance.

Q: Are you insured?

A: Yes, most definitely. Contact us for more information regarding our policies, insurance, standard practices, etc.

Q: We forgot to wire the building, can you perform retro-services?

A: Our crews and technicians have worked in this environment many times. EIG provides retro installation services to remedy any missed cabling, devices, or features with minimal damage.

Q: Do you warranty your work?

A: Every job carries a standard equipment & labor warranty for 1 year from completed installation date. Support packages & extended warranties are available.

- Prepared by Tyler Anderson & Timothy Cromer

Elusive Integrators Group, LLC

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