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Pre-Project Planning, Schematics, & Designs - Keys to ANY Successful Commercial LV Project

Project failures usually boil down to poor planning, lack of communication, or poor workmanship. Let us focus on the first two, below.

Poor Planning - Most projects do not focus on this side of a construction process. Low voltage, structured cabling, fiber, voice, audiovisual scopes are very minimal in the eyes of the construction company + owner/developer. They are usually focused on concrete, plumbing, electrical, etc. You get the picture. This is not speaking for ALL projects/companies. We have been apart of some high level spec project with all the details. Overall, though, we see this as a big lacking part of the construction process.

Here at EIG PRO, we get started in the VERY beginning of the project. Providing RCPs, schematics, design-builds, specifications of the project prior to any trade starting. It is VERY important to discuss these low voltage needs prior to pouring the foundation. Conduit, sleeves, underground, may be needed to ensure there are proper pathways for cabling + infrastructure.

Poor Communication - After a contract is awarded, EIG PRO project manager will make contact with you immediately to establish a game plan. We will not wait for you to contact us. The lack of communication between construction team & subcontractors usually result in failure, mishaps, or emotional negative-driven projects. Poor communication really hinders the success of the project and relationship.

Schematics & Design - EIG PRO's project design team will take your requests and provide a complete package for the project. This will be worked on by multiple certified trained professionals that specialize in low voltage design such as audiovisual, network, wireless networking, fiber, voice & data, technology solutions, CCTV. We can review these documents with you in-person or in video-conferencing sessions. A final as-built will be given to you for your record adjusting for any project changes, change orders, or re-designs. This is key to the success of your project.

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