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Multi-Family Low Voltage Solutions

At EIG PRO, our design team specializes in low voltage solutions such as audio video, structured cabling, fiber services for multi-family multi-tenant settings. Providing design-build services eliminating the need for expensive consultation companies that generally are not involved at all in the installation or sale. We tend to make changes & alter almost every consultant drawing we find. They are mainly the same copy & paste design not taking account for your specific needs. Not all are equal; We have found some amazing consultants to work with in our past but they are a needle in a haystack find.

EIG PRO provides competitive specification bids too or direct RFQs. Providing VE options, design changes, budget savings, & other - we are able to provide our clients different options in Plano, Dallas, Addison, Austin, Houston, & surrounding cities Texas.

Our technical team has remote monitoring, network management, video-endpoint management, cloud services, VoIP, Crestron XIO Cloud, & other features tied into our support plans that really save you money on service, upgrades, & emergency situations.

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