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How the Crestron Home Platform Can Transform Your Home

Technology has transformed the world we live in, and nowadays, every part of our lives is impacted by it. When it comes to our homes, smart technology is transforming how we interact with everything from our lighting to our heating.

Here at Elusive Integrators Group, we are an authorized dealer of Crestron Home technology, allowing our customers to enjoy their innovative complete smart home system. Engineered to become invisible once installed, the unique technology will help you transform your home:


The Crestron Home smartphone app will help you create the perfect environment in your property. Whether it’s dimming your lights, controlling your smart shades, or controlling your heating, you will be able to find the perfect comfort level with a few clicks of your hand.


Of course, Crestron Home is not just about creating a comfier environment. From movies and music to gaming and sports, you can enjoy a seamless experience with the Crestron Home entertainment system.


Give yourself complete peace of mind that your home is safe and secure with the Creston Home security system. Whether it is doors that only unlock with your fingerprint or monitoring your property remotely, you will have full access and control of your home.

Looking to install the Crestron Home technology to your property?

Are you looking to discover the benefit of the Crestron Home platform? Here at EIG Pro, we are an authorized dealer of this innovative technology and can help you transform your property and create a truly interactive home.

Our specialist team will help you install Creston Home and ensure you know how to control it. Want to find out more? Then get in touch with our team today!

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Tyler Anderson
Tyler Anderson
Apr 04, 2021

Crestron home leads the way now in luxury residential smart automation. 🥇

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