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EIG PRO Company Update 9.10.2022

EIG PRO will begin releasing dedicated Blog Updates when possible.

  • EIG PRO is growing in regards to staff picking up two more lead audiovisual & structured cabling technicians to help in the Texas region.

  • has been placed on a temporary hold of all parts outside of licenses, drivers, support tickets, etc. These existing items have been hidden. Due to the uncertainty of the supply chain; we are focused on customer installation, design, & support services. You can ALWAYS purchase any items from us directly.

  • EIG PRO is focused on expanding our reach within Texas especially in the design-build market for low voltage solutions.

  • EIG PRO partners with leading companies to bring a total low voltage package that is required to get the job done, when needed.

  • Website has been updated with some new items in "Our Projects"

  • Support - Please use the EIG PRO Help Desk for all support inquiries for tracking purposes. You can give us a call also! EIG PRO Go Texas Longhorns!

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